SINERGIA / 06 2013 - 06 2015 / Interreg MED

Over the recent years it has become clear that an essential requisite for future growth and competitiveness in the European agro-food industry are not only the investments in global network of commodities and distribution channels but also to extend the paradigm of sustainability in the food processing from the big corporations to the SMEs.

Imageen / 04 2013 – 12 2014 / CIP-EIP

The project Introducing SMEs to eco-design measures through EEN (IMAGEEN) has the objectives to enhance the competitiveness of SME in the food and beverages industry, both directly and indirectly through the value chain, by the promotion of eco-design in Europe and to enable the Europe Enterprise Network to permanently deliver eco-design services in the food and beverages industry to SME in Europe.

ReBirth / 10 2011 – 12 2014 / Life programme, DG Environment

The project Promotion of the Recycling of Industrial Waste and Building Rubble for the Construction Industry.

PROCEED / 01 2011 - 03 2013 / Regions of Knowledge, Coordination Action, FP7

PROCEED - PROmotion and coordination of environmental research in Central and Eastern Europe for a sustainable Development

HCHOlessWOOD / 06 2010 - 06 2012 / Cornet Era-net

At production of formaldehyde based adhesives as well as wood-based panels (WBP) in the past decades, many changes occurred, that led to significantly lower emissions.

Green / 04 2010 – 03 2012 / Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme (EIP)

The project Greening Business through the Enterprise Europe starts from the need to improve the environmental performances of SMEs in Europe.

Arhiv: AOP4 water / 01 2011 - 12 2012 / ERA-NET CORNET (9th call)

The project »Reducing fresh water consumption in high water volume consuming industries by recycling AOP-treated effluents« will provide information about water qualities which can be achieved by AOP-treatment and subsequent biological stage.