Arhiv: Slovenia Business Link Newsletter


The goal of the Strategic Development and Innovative Partnership (SRIP) MATerials for end PROducts (MATPRO) is to join the metallurgy, metal processing and chemical industries with knowledge institutions in the value chains and networks, and to act collectively in finding and developing new, breakthrough products under the slogan "Only together can we be really successful". The objective is to be achieved through targeted cooperation, internationalization support activities, human resources development, sustainable development and entrepreneurship as well as through the sharing of knowledge and resources in the field of materials, where Slovenian companies are already operating successfully. Through the cooperation we want everybody to become even more successful.

Arhiv: Slovenia Business Link Newsletter - December 2016

Arhiv: Slovenia Business Link Newsletter - November 2016

Arhiv: AOP4 water / 01 2011 - 12 2012 / ERA-NET CORNET (9th call)

The project »Reducing fresh water consumption in high water volume consuming industries by recycling AOP-treated effluents« will provide information about water qualities which can be achieved by AOP-treatment and subsequent biological stage.

Arhiv: Know us / 07 2010 – 12 2013 / Cross-border programme Slovenia-Italy

KNOW US is a strategic project of 16 partners from Slovenia and Italy.

Arhiv: iCon / 04 2010 - 03 2013 / Cross-border programme Slovenia-Italy

The aim of the project iCon is to increase the competitiveness of SME in the border region Italy – Slovenia.

Arhiv: Slovenia Business Link Newsletter - September

Arhiv: Slovenia Business Link Newsletter - Summer Edition

This is the summer issue of the newsletter Slovenia Business Link. The next issue will be published in mid-September when we will again collect news on CCIS activities and positions as well as on current macroeconomic indicators.