About Us

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) is the largest independent, voluntary, non-profit association of companies in Slovenia. It was founded in 1851 and today boasts more than 5,200 member companies of all shapes, sizes, branches, and regional backgrounds. Our member companies contribute about 50% of gross value added of the Slovenian economy and generate 2/3 of sales in foreign markets. Business in Slovenia starts here! What Can We Do for You? The CCIS is the ideal local partner for foreign investors and business professionals. It can support and facilitate your entrance into the Slovenian market. It can help you search for new contacts and provide you with a wide range of useful business information. If you are interested in doing business in Slovenia, the CCIS offers you services developed especially for your needs.

What do you gain by knocking on the door of Slovenia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry?

  • The most powerful representative of the Slovenian private sector
  • A partner who stands by your side as you enter the Slovenian market
  • A networking megahub, where best practices are freely exchanged
  • An ecosystem of talented and capable professionals in Slovenia and abroad
  • World-class consultants with vast knowledge and experience
  • Priceless opportunities for data mining with access to countless databases
  • Relevant, highquality business information on markets and actors

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