CCIS General Manager

The Slovenian economy is highly dynamic and flexible, firmly embedded in international economic flows and globally competitive.

Leading-edge products of the highest quality, globally recognised brands, advanced technological solutions, an innovative business environment, modern design applying the latest principles, a well developed infrastructure, environmental awareness and a highly educated and motivated workforce fluent in several foreign languages are features that best characterise Slovenia.

We pride ourselves on numerous excellent companies, spreading our country's reputation and the reputation of our economy across the globe. The latest in technological developments is being implemented in Slovenian companies' development and production strategies as we speak. We have numerous globally recognised brands that indicate the exceptional quality of Slovenian products in various and niche fields, the high added value and corresponding successful competition with other companies in the global market. It is more than clear that such a business environment offers opportunities for cooperation that should be seized.

As the largest and strongest association of Slovenian companies, its activities and cooperation with its international partner network allow the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to support and facilitate your entrance to the Slovenian market. It can help you search for new contacts and provide you with a wide range of useful business information. I am convinced that you will be able to seize the opportunities offered by Slovenia. We will do our best to help you in your endeavours.

Samo Hribar Milic,
General Manager of the CCIS

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