Vesna Nahtigal

Vesna Nahtigal started her four-year term as General Manager of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on January 1, 2023.

She has a degree in economics. She started her career in tourism, first at the company Kompas and then at the Slovenian Tourist Organization. In 2001, she was appointed as director of the company Kompas Magistrat, where she has been focused mainly on crisis management. In 2003, she became member of the board at Istrabenz turizem. She dealt with the reorganization of the company Life Class, which was created after the merger of several hotel companies. In 2006, she switched from tourism to industry and got a job at the Institute for Metal Materials and Technologies as advisor to the director. In 2017, she joined the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as executive director for industrial policy and director of the Association of Metallic Materials and Nonmetals.

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