Sonja Šmuc MSc

CCIS General Manager

Since 10 October 2017 Sonja Šmuc is General Manager of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. Before that she held the position of Executive Director of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia for 12 years. 

With her work she actively supports the development of management and leadership in Slovenia and beyond. She focuses on different aspects of the Slovenian economy, especially the labour market, tax system and business ethics. She is specialized in women’s leadership.

Sonja Šmuc is a member of different professional bodies (Professional Council for Competitiveness and a Stable Business Environment, Board of Summit100 business leaders of SEE, Accreditation Committee of Bank Assets Management Company, Professional Council for Gender Equality,  International graphic center) and award boards. 

In 2006 the CCIS co-awarded her with a bronze award for innovation in publishing. 

She is co-author of a book on managing export risks. During her career she was Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Manager, specialized in leadership and management. She is the author of more than 700 business related articles. 

She has a Master’s Degree from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana; she deepened her knowledge at Stanford University of California, Vienna’s Wirtschaftsuniversität and IEDC - Business School of Bled.