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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

December 2018


Assembly of the CCIS on the gap in HR, RD and innovation activities, and the work plan for the following year

At the meeting of the Assembly of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) on 12 December, the Assembly members and the Minister of Education, Science and Sport discussed education strategies and measures to respond to the gap in HR. They recommended revising the proposal for the Research and Development and Innovation Activity Act, and restoring an independent technological agency. They also adopted the CCIS 2019 Plan.

Slovenian Business Summit: a 6-measure formula to achieve economic excellency


Increasing the efficiency of the public sector, changing the personal income tax rates in favour of net receipts, adapting education and training at work to developmental changes on the labour market, developing the capital market with all financial instruments, gaining trust and amending regulations, establishing an environment to nurture domestic and foreign talent, and strengthening management practices are the key measures that make up the formula for success to achieve ambitious goals by 2025. These measures were developed in collaboration among over 350 leading business, union and government representatives at the 13th Slovenian Business Summit held on 28 November. The Summit was organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS), together with the Representation Office of the European Commission in Slovenia.

Go Digital Conference: is Slovenia going to be successful in the digital economy?


“Last call for digital economy” was the motto of the Go Digital Conference taking place on 4 December that was marked by excellent Slovenian and foreign speakers, interesting classes, and a lively discussion at the roundtable on the topic of digital transformation. The conference, where speakers exchanged opinions, ideas and experience on how new innovations could be introduced to enterprises, which social phenomena and technologies we should pay attention to, and what we need in order to develop a successful product, was organised by the CCIS – Association of Informatics and Telecommunications and the SRIP ICT Horizontal Network, together with the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, DIH, BASS.

CCIS Management Board on the minimum wage

At its meeting of 5 December, the members of the Management Board of the CCIS discussed the minimum wage. They estimated that the shock therapy of the current proposal for the new Minimum Wage Act is unnecessary and would have unforeseeable consequences. They therefore argued for regular annual adjustment, with the elimination of bonuses being introduced gradually from 2020 onwards. The elimination of the bonus for years of service, however, is unacceptable for the business sector. The Management Board also appointed the CCIS Strategic Council for collective bargaining/bilateral social dialogue.


8 January: Expert meeting Prices of public utility services

You are invited to attend the expert meeting on the prices of public utility services six years after the implementation of the Decree on the Methodology for Determining Prices of Obligatory Municipal Public Services for Environmental Protection (MEDO).

15 February: National conference 55+ on the topic of older employees

The conference will shed light on measures for increased growth in the rate of employment of older people in Slovenia, and highlight the key elements enabling the retention of employment by older people and the creation of jobs based on the needs of the older population. The conference is aimed at business managers, HR services, work organisers, and representatives active in the field of safety at work and occupational medicine. It will encompass useful solutions for companies and presentations of good practices.


28 November: The statement of the CCIS General Manager on the topic of minimum wage

At the Slovenian Business Summit, the CCIS General Manager Sonja Šmuc gave a special statement on the topic of minimum wage. She emphasised that the CCIS agreed with the annual adjustment of the minimum wage as provided in the current Minimum Wage Act that takes into account inflation and other criteria, e.g. productivity. In this way, minimum wage growth is not in question. But minimum wage cannot be decided outside social partnership, solely by politicians and, what is more, by supporting novelties that completely change the basic postulates, such as the wage definition. Such tectonic changes cannot be made without coordination and in a period of a month or two. Not only does the proposal for the Act Amending the Minimum Wage Act proposed by the party Levica and supported by a wide group of coalition MPs ignore social partnership but it overlooks several key facts. The CCIS thus called upon the Slovenian Government not to support the proposed act, to initiate the process of coordination of the amount of minimum wage for 2019, and to start an informed discussion among social partners on the future minimum wage regime within ESC.


This year’s average salary increased by 3.4%

In the third quarter, Slovenia’s economic growth amounted to 4.8% compared to the same quarter last year, and by 4.5% in the first three quarters of 2018. Final household consumption expenditure was precisely the same as last year despite the fact that conditions on the labour market continue to improve and salaries are rising. The number of persons employed is increasing more modestly, with a lower unemployment rate and higher shortage of a qualified workforce. The average growth in salaries continues to rise, amounting to 3.4% in the first nine months of 2018. The highest salary increase was recorded in the private sector (4%), while the public sector recorded a salary increase of 3.1%. By industry, the highest salary increase was observed in mining (7%), followed by other various processing industries (5.4%), hospitality as well as financial and insurance industries (4.8%), and healthcare and social protection (4.6%). Processing industries recorded a 4.1-percent rise in gross salaries this year. By region, the highest salary increase was recorded in Pomurje (4.3%), Southeastern Slovenia (4.1%), and Gorenjska (3.7%). In the first nine months of 2018, all average gross salaries by industry and region were higher than at the same time last year.

Short-term indicators for Slovenia in the first nine months of 2018 are still well below last year’s level. Export has shown a 10.9-percent rise in goods, and import has shown a rise of 11.7%, while the exchange of services, mainly the export of transport services and travel, is above last year’s level. Furthermore, foreign demand has driven industrial production growth (+6%). Service industries have also strengthened their activity (with a 8.7-percent rise), and the value of construction works has increased by 21.8%. The annual rate of inflation reached 2% in October. The labour market is strengthening, the number of employees in 2018 is higher by 2.9% compared to last year, and ILO’s unemployment rate amounted to 5.2% in September.

Below you can find some statistical data for Slovenia:


Growth rates in % - in comparison to the same period of previous year

Latest data

GDP – real growth


3.q 2018, S.A.*

GDP – forecast for 2018**


Oct. 2018

Consumer prices (HICP)


Nov. 2018

Exports of goods


Oct. 2018

Imports of goods


Oct. 2018

Industrial production (manufacturing)


Oct. 2018

Retail sales w/o motor fuels (real)


Oct. 2018

Construction (real)


Sept. 2018

Exchange rate EUR/USD


Nov. 2018

Diesel (EUR/litre), VAT incl.


Valid from Dec. 04th, 2018

*seasonally and calendar adjusted
**Eastern European Consensus


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