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September 2017


Sonja Šmuc As the New General Manager of CCIS

At the meeting of CCIS Board of Directors (BoD) on 14 September Sonja Šmuc was appointed as the new General Manager, with a four-year mandate as of the 10 October. At the meeting, the members of the BoD advocated for a significantly faster launch and realisation of key infrastructure projects, and supported the government project for a second rail track construction. Also, a co-operation agreement between Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MGRT), SPIRIT and CCIS in the field of promoting the internationalization of the Slovenian economy was signed.

At the Conference ”Encouraging Digitalisation in Regard to New Tender for the Establishment or Upgrade of e-business in SMEs”

Webpages for external markets, on-line shops, digitalisation of presentations at fairs, strengthening competencies and presentation models on new markets in the time of digital transformation, product-sales video and electronic exchange between partners will be co financed by a new public tender published on Friday. At the conference on 6 September organized by CCIS and MGRT, over 100 participants were familiarized with the tender in more detail. Businessmen were also discussing particular measures for digitalization.



20 September: Seminar: JAPAN - Land of Opportunity also for Slovene Agriculture and Food Industry

CCIS is organizing a seminar in collaboration with Japanese association JMA (Japan Management Association) and the Embassy of Japan in Slovenia in order to present possibilities and trends the Japanese market is offering to foreign suppliers of products in the field of food and beverages, and possibilities of promoting and presenting at the specialized fair FOODEX 2018 (https://www.jma.or.jp/foodex/en/exhibit/why.html).

22 September: Conference “Will we be ready for EU standard for eInvoicing?”

The Conference will be organized in the framework of the ROSE project (Readiness of Slovenian eInvoicing), which is co-financed by the EU, and is intended for all persons liable for public procurement, IT companies, ERP providers and providers of e-path.

28 September: Business Delegation to Croatia

The Chamber of Small Business and Trade and the Centre for International Business at CCIS are organizing a business delegation to Croatia in collaboration with Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK). The basic purpose of the delegation is familiarization with and transfer of good practices in the field of formation and operation of retail supply chains of small traders as a model for successful positioning of smaller providers on the market controlled by big commerce and business systems.

27 September: Innovation Day 2017

The 2017 Innovation Day will present real opportunities and possibilities offered by the circular economy – various applications of waste through different materials and technologies (bio packaging, bioplastic products, bio-based materials in the automotive, electrical, construction, pharmaceutical, chemical industry) and more. It will also present the 2018–2020 financial opportunities for projects from the circular economy and offer the possibility of B2B and R2B meetings and targeted workshops. In the afternoon, the Innovation Awards ceremony will take place.

28–29 September 28–29: Conference on Good Practices

There will be a conference ”Best Practice Day 2017” organized by Electronic and Electrical Engineering Association. It will foster digital partnerships for smart factories. This year’s conference will be enriched with first experiences of integration into Strategic Research and Innovation Partnerships (SRIP).

5 October: Service Provision in Switzerland and Novelties in 2018

Participants will get detailed information on registration of workers in Switzerland, and added are also legal aspect and method of payroll accounting.

6 October: Technical Seminar: Posting of Workers to Austria

CCIS, in cooperation with company LeitnerLeitner, law firm Grilc Vovk Škof and Slovenian Economic Union, invites you to attend a technical seminar ”Posting of Workers to Austria”.

12-13 October: 19th Congress of Accountancy Service Providers

The Congress is the central annual event of the Chamber of Accounting Services and is intended to present the most current topics from the areas that directly influence the performance of the activities of accounting services.

13 October: SLOVENIAN–JORDAN Business Forum

We are organizing individual B2B meetings in the framework of the Slovenian–Jordan Business Forum on the occasion of Directors-General of seven Jordan companies visiting Slovenia, in cooperation with Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation.

23–25 November : Italy: FORUM AGENTI MILANO 2017

Participants of this event will have the opportunity to meet with Italian agents and brokers presenting a regular method and entrance path for export of products and services into the neighbouring state's market worth 60 million.
Slovene companies will present themselves togetheron a Slovene stand where each company will have its own place for individual meetings, and displaying smaller products and presentation material.


30 August: Investment in Second Rail is of Strategic Importance

CCIS supports the government project for a second rail track construction, and at the same time expects transparent, quality and rational implementation from the present and future governments, with the aim of imposing minimum burden to public finances or taxpayers.

11 September: Bio-waste Treatment Must Remain a Commercial Activity

CCIS is surprised by the fact that bio-waste treatment from households is foreseen in the proposal of the amendment to the Environmental Protection Act as a mandatory local public service utility. Therefore, we urge the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, Irena Majcen, to immediately withdraw the disputed proposal of ZVO-2 on the introduction of treatment of biodegradable waste from households as a mandatory local public service utility, because such a proposal is not beneficial to residents of a municipality nor to the majority of municipalities in Slovenia.


High economic growth has continued also in the second quarter. Seasonally adjusted, the interim growth was 5.2% which was the new highest growth after the second quarter in 2008. Export is increasing in all product groups; this year's growth has been the highest in the last seven years. Import is also increasing similarly, and this is connected to intensive export activity and partially also to strengthening of domestic demand, which is growing the fastest since 2008. In the first seven months, the volume of manufacturing in processing industry, which has grown further in July, was significantly larger on interim level (by 7.5%). The volume of manufacturing, which started to grow in the middle of 2013 and accelerated in 2016, is significantly above the upper limit achieved before the crisis. The number of employees in employment relationship has further increased, but has somewhat decreased in other types of work. The number of unemployed has further decreased, more visibly also the number of long-term unemployed. Growth of non-food products and motor vehicle sale has continued along with further growth of consumption in households and export (of vehicles), and food sale remained the highest in the last four years. On the interim level, the income in retail trade with motor fuels and in wholesale trade has been significantly larger, also due to excellent tourist season. Interim price increase has somewhat increased in August; however, it remained low at 1.1%. On the interim level, the prices of services have grown along with consumption growth. The prices of semi-durables and food are also higher, but prices of durable goods are lower. In the last two months, the value of Euro has significantly grown in comparison with US dollar and achieved the highest value after the beginning of 2014. On the interim level, it was higher by 5.3%.

Below you will find some statistical data for Slovenia.


Growth rates in % - in comparison to the same period of the previous year

Latest data

GDP – real growth


1H 2017, S.A.*

GDP – forecast for 2017

3.8 (Consesus)

August 2017

Consumer prices (HICP)


August 2017

Exports of goods


Jan-Jul. 2017

Imports of goods


Jan-Jul. 2017

Industrial production (manufacturing)


Jan-Jul. 2017

Retail sales w/o motor fuels (real)


Jan-Jul. 2017

Construction (real)


Jan-Jul. 2017

Exchange rate EUR/USD


August 2017

Diesel (EUR/litre)


Valid from Sept. 12th, 2017

*seasonally adjusted


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