ThinkTwice!, Erasmus+, KA2, 1/9/2020-31/8/2022

Think Twice! Ecological Sustainability in Project Management Let’s enhance ecological sustainability in European Projects, raise awareness of the potential of a green project management and establish good practice examples!

RETRACKING (Interreg V-A Italia-Slovenia, 9/2017-12/2019)

RETRACKING PROJECT Towards a circular economy: tracing products made from recycled plastic composites reinforced with fibre glass

CIR-ECO, Erasmus+, 10/2017 – 09/2019

CIR-ECO, Erasmus+, 10/2017 – 09/2019

The main aim of the CIR-ECO project is to qualify workers that will participate in the repairing, refurbishing and recycling of discarded equipment in Household Appliance Sector, through the definition of a New Professional Profile, the development of Training Curriculum and training modules and the creation of a Virtual Environment.

MOVECO, Interreg Danube, 01/2017 – 06/2019

Mobilising Institutional Learning for Better Exploitation of Research and Innovation for the Circular Economy: The new EC Circular Economy Strategy aims a "closing the loop" of product lifecycles through greater recycling and re-use, to bring benefits for society, environment and economy. Closing the loop of materials streams poses many challenges to research and innovation: increasing durability, reparability and recyclability of products (Extended Producer Responsibility), improving waste management and resource efficiency in industrial sectors, fostering industrial symbiosis and remanufacturing.