Imageen / 04 2013 – 12 2014 / CIP-EIP

The project Introducing SMEs to eco-design measures througEEN (IMAGEEN) has the objectives to enhance the competitiveness of SME in the food and beverages industry, both directly and indirectly through the value chain, by the promotion of eco-design in Europe and to enable the Europe Enterprise Network to permanently deliver eco-design services in the food and beverages industry to SME in Europe. Thconcern on food wastage is increasing. Food loss and waste amount to a major squandering of resources (water, land, energy, labour and capital) and needlessly produce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to global warming and climate change along the value chain. Packaging optimization plays an important role in food wastage minimisation and packaging eco-design can considerably contribute in different ways to reduce costs and improve environmental management in SMEs, which often lack human and financial resources to explore even the most evident cost effective options available to them. EEN partners will improve eco-design at SME and thus make a significant contribution to reduce costs, increase sales/profits and improve environmental performance in SMEs. We will encourage SME to establish and maintain an eco-design process as an integral part of design and development in their companies.

For more information please visit or contact Antonija Božič Cerar at the Environmental Department at CCIS