InTraRed – How to build trust in your business


Here are some strategies on how to build trust in your business, specifically with regard to the technologies you, your customers or your employees are using:

  1. Encode your company’s values
  2. Data foundation
  3. Invest in cyber defense
  4. Respect stakeholder privacy
  5. Be transparent
  6. Respect differing cultural norms
  7. Get everyone involved
  8. Teach them to fish
  9. Give employees a reason to trust

Keep in mind that, even if your business has nothing to do with technology up until now, it probably will in the near future. If you grab this challenge with both hands, see it as an opportunity for your business to grow and keep in mind the abovementioned strategies, no challenge will be too big for your company to deal with. As long as there is trust, trust among employees, customers and other stakeholders.

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