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It might seem far-fetched for your SME to become part of such a ‘disruptive innovation’. But how could you then integrate innovation in your SME?

Luckily, not all kinds of innovation are disruptive and there are many ways to be innovative without having to develop your own new app or technological device. Innovation is a much broader concept and entails much more than that. There are two other frameworks that might help you to identify sources of innovation in your company: The Seven Sources of Innovation model (Peter Drucker) and the Ten Types of Innovation Framework (Doblin).

The Seven Sources of Innovation by Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker, known as the inventor of modern management and author of his famous book ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ (1985), defines seven sources of innovation (as shown on the picture).

Peter Drucker's Seven Sources of Innovation (Source: Viche-Mean softskills)

However the world has changed tremendously between 1985 and 2020, his ideas about innovation are still standing. To go into more detail on the Seven Sources of Innovation, watch a 5-minute video where all seven sources are being explained:


Doblin’s Ten Types of Innovation Framework

Doblin is a company named after Jay Doblin, who created the first strategic design firm in 1981. In 1997, the company discovered and developed the Ten Types of Innovation Framework that supports businesses in the development of a proper innovation strategy.

Doblin's Ten Types of Innovation Framework (Source: Opinno)

You can watch this video to get a quick summary on what the framework is about.


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