How does the project WBL-Q differ from other projects with the same topic?


Among several analysed initiatives and projects two significant parts which are on one hand most innovative and on the other hand crucial for success are missing:

a)      a clear business (language and thinking) focus and

b)     a business oriented self evaluation tool for companies to asses the quality of their WBL offers and provisions

Out of our experiences over the last years within the area of work based learning and co-operation with businesses and companies at the interface between the world of education and the world of work it is exactly these two elements that are missing that would be the key for success and are so far not available within Europe (and beyond). The results of this gap analysis process, several talks to experts from companies, WBL responsibles, social partners, VET providers etc. forms the background of the innovative contribution of the WBL-Q project which appears on following levels:

a)      Content Innovation

b)     Methodological innovation

c)      Transferability innovation


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