WBL Accelerator - WBL Mentors


Based on collective discussions, the following specific professional and personal skills of a mentor were recommended:

Skills and ability in connection with VET institutions
The mentor should have the following skills and ability to:

·         Participate in the selection process;

·         Successfully implement the WBL planning and company induction;

·         Transfer the knowledge to the apprentice;

·         Maintain contact with the VET centre;

·         Perform monitoring, give feedback and solve the potential problems;

·         Offer guidance and coaching to the apprentice;

·         Evaluate the student with the VET centre;

·         and who is also familiar with the legal/regulatory requirements of WBL/ apprenticeships

Skills and ability in connection with the placement and support of the apprentice within the company:

·         Professional and knowledgeable about their field;

·         Ability to teach, i.e. possess pedagogical skills;

·         Empathy and patience;

·         Ability to facilitate learning;

·         Good communication skills including IT skills;

·         Team management skills;

·         Conflict management skills;

·         Desire to take on the role of mentor;

·         Understanding of the student; and

·         Ability to function as a Role Model and to be motivating.

Acquiring these skills and knowledge will ensure, that the WBL responsible will be able to perform their function efficiently and professionally, both in terms of collaboration with VET institution, but also in day-to-day practice providing expert supervision of the apprentice in the company.

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