WBL Accelerator - Mentor Training Programme


A Mentor Training Programme that includes online and classroom training opportunities is available free of charge on the project website and in the partner countries. The WBL Accelerator Mentor Training is offered online and offline. The online material is tailored to your needs and divided in small learning chunks. This setup allows you to immerse only in the content that is interesting for you.

Here is the content that you can look through:

·         What is WBL (work-based learning)?

·         Company’s Role in WBL

·         Compare Qualifications Across Europe

·         Glossary

·         Europass

·         Best Practices in WBL

·         Planning Work-Based Learning

·         Monitoring of WBL

·         Foreign Employees

·         Recognition of Qualifikations

·         Daily Life of Mentors

·         Profile of Mentors

·         Pedagigic Methods in WBL

·         WBL Mentoring

·         Core Tasks of a WBL Mentor

·         Generations – What Has Changed?

·         Employees of the Future

·         Talent Capture

·         Digital Communication Tools

·         Mobilities to Develop Skills

Are you interested in implementing our WBL Training programme in your country as a trainer? Then have a look at our curriculum and materials for F2F workshops here. Take a look and find new ways to make your professional life easier!

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