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This handbook magazine is one of the core outputs of the EU funded WBL Accelerator project. During a period of two years, the transnational partnership of seven professional partner organisations worked on mainstreaming work-based learning approaches, methods and strategies in the partner countries Austria, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Slovenia and Malta. The partnership considers work-based Learning (WBL) as a crucial component of vocational education and training (VET) in Europe and aims to foster the cooperation and communication between education and businesses by enabling the actors to „speak a common language“. The target group of this magazine includes anyone who is responsible for WBL processes in companies who is united under the term „MENTOR“ in this project and its outputs. These persons act as mentors for apprentices and interns, they are the link between the company and the learning person and hence they carry a big responsibility. In order to support these mentors in their task of guiding VET trainees, the WBL Accelerator project offers this magazine which includes interesting topics from across Europe.

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