Arhiv: The European Software Skills Alliance – driving the growth of software skills in Europe

The European Software Skills Alliance, an alliance of 26 software sector partners led by DIGITALEUROPE, brings together key Industry and Education stakeholders from across the domain.

The Alliance will work together to develop, implement, and disseminate a new Software Skills Strategy that will tackle the current and future skills shortages in the European Software Sector, enabling continuous development, innovation and competitiveness within the industry.

The project includes the establishment of a long-term partnership between The European Software Skills Alliance members; the design of an innovative and sustainable Software Skills Strategy; development, testing and roll-out of VET training curricula for VET and higher VET, programmes and qualifications in line with latest market needs and consistently linked with EU instruments and tools enabling professional skills and career development in general and empowering ICT Professionalism and digital competences in particular; and the widespread dissemination and long-term rollout of the strategy to maximise impact.