BLUES, 1/10/2017-31/1/2020, ERASMUS+

The project aims at designing, testing and disseminating an innovative international blended-learning entrepreneurial education methodology that increases the quality and relevance of students´ skills and promotes internationalisation, innovation and creativity through a transdisciplinary approach and the active involvement of the regional business sectors.

The project seeks to provide Higher Education Institutions (HEI) with a replicable and scalable entrepreneurial education methodology and high-quality interactive educational resources and tools that promote students´ entrepreneurial mind-set and skills as well as the development of key transversal skills such as digital and foreign language skills, thereby fostering students´ employability as well as their personal and professional development.

Through the active involvement of students and university lecturers from different study disciplines, experienced entrepreneurial experts, local businesses and institutions as well as key policy makers in the design, validation, implementation and assessment of the training program we ensure not only the quality and relevance of the training and its learning outcomes but also promote increased collaboration among the different key stakeholders. We thereby seek to promote the development of innovative multi-dimensional educational approaches to prepare students so that they can solve todays and tomorrows economic, social and cultural challenges.

The project will provide universities with an experiential entrepreneurial training program methodology that is based on a transdisciplinary approach that facilitates creativity and innovation to complex problem-solving and facilitates a stimulating learning environment in a multifaceted community of researchers, faculty and students.

Innovative recognition systems based on already existing tools such as the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass and new ideas such as certificate issued by Business Associations will also be explored in this project.

Partner countries: Spain (LP), Finland, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia.

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Contact: Ana Lučka Pirnat,