ROSE - Readiness Of Slovenian E-invoicing, 06/2017 – 06-2018, Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)

The action aims to increase the uptake and the use of elnvoicing by the Slovenian contracting authorities and contracting entities, and to ensure compliance with the European elnvoicing standard (EN) by the end of May 2018 in line with the Directive 2014/55/EU.

To reach this scope, the following objectives will be achieved as part of the action:

1. Slovenian elnvoices standard eSLOG (version 1.6) will be aligned with the European elnvoicing standard (EN);

2. the existing single entry and exit point for exchange of elnvoices for budget users will be upgraded with the European elnvoicing standard;

3. the exchange hub for contracting entities will be implemented together with integration with ERP systems and financial/accounting applications and aligned with the European elnvoicing standard;

4. eDelivcry will be deployed for the entry and exit point for budget users as well for the exchange hub to ensure interoperable cross-border communication;

5. elnvoices recipients’ entity database will be established to promote and ease receipt of elnvoices.

Contact person:

Dušan Zupančič

Association of Informatics and Telecommunications

+386 1 5898474