The goal of the Strategic Development and Innovative Partnership (SRIP) MATerials for end PROducts (MATPRO) is to join the metallurgy, metal processing and chemical industries with knowledge institutions in the value chains and networks, and to act collectively in finding and developing new, breakthrough products under the slogan "Only together can we be really successful". The objective is to be achieved through targeted cooperation, internationalization support activities, human resources development, sustainable development and entrepreneurship as well as through the sharing of knowledge and resources in the field of materials, where Slovenian companies are already operating successfully. Through the cooperation we want everybody to become even more successful.

Advanced materials, advanced manufacturing technology, nanotechnology and biotechnology are the main areas identified in the strategy of smart specialization, which in the future will enable European and Slovenian industry to maintain global competitiveness and to exploit new markets. The metallurgy and chemical industries are inextricably linked to the identified main areas and are part of the defined key technologies. The newly developed materials and technologies represent the entry of new, hitherto unknown, opportunities in the market. Here the research, development and innovation play the crucial role. By fostering the integration and development of the regional economy in the field of materials SRIP MATPRO directly follows the concept of smart specialization and constitutes its operationalization in Slovenia, adapted to the conditions and opportunities that Slovenia has.

Five main focus areas, together with sub-areas, were identified as the result of an analysis: global markets and trends; review of national, European and global strategies and strategies of key technologies (materials, energy, environment, mobility, etc.); an assessment of the potential, maturity and risk levels of individual technologies; identification of the main needs of the European industry and related R&D challenges; review of the competencies and capacities currently at hand. Identified focus areas are: Steels and special alloys (the concept of ultra-clean steels and alloys, high-strength steels and their transformation, advanced metallic materials for extreme applications); Aluminium (the new high-strength and ultra-pure Al alloys, alternative methods for manufacturing and maximum recycling of Al, Al die-casting and production of complex castings); Technologies (rapid prototyping and consumable technologies, recycling, advanced casting technology and production, modern technology of processing of polymers and hybrid materials); Multicomponent smart materials (intelligent multicomponent fibres and textiles, composites); and Functional coatings and advanced adhesives for metals (functional coatings, resins and binders).

Through the establishment of joint capacity, of internationalization, the development of human resources, sustainable development, and entrepreneurship, SRIP MATPRO will provide an excellent research and development environment, especially for medium-sized and smaller companies, which will contribute to reducing the risks of investing in high-tech equipment, achieving a critical mass of competencies, capacity and investment potential, increased utilization of equipment and the creation of lasting trust-based business relationships. A special emphasis is given to the development of the conceptual design of future pilot projects, networking, and to active cooperation with other SRIPs, including the integration of ICT and other enabling technologies.

Investment cofinanced by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund