DesAlps, Interreg Alpine Space, 11/2016 – 10/2019

Design Thinking for a Smart Innovation eco-system in Alpine Space: SME innovation-oriented services in the Alpine Space are fragmented and not well adjusted to the territorial specifics of companies and the need for a more sustainable and flexible approach to business-making.

The design thinking process can help start a new wave of business innovation through cooperation, new decision-making processes and more sustainable added value creation, without overturning the strong link of the companies to the territory, by combining technological with non-technological elements in the innovation process. The opportunity DesAlps provides, is to create a fertile framework to boost the design thinking approach on SME services, through the analysis of the impact that it can bring and the creation of a mutual cooperation among intermediaries and policy makers toward this task.

More on the project website or contact Grit Ackermann at CCIS.