SSHH; 10/2016 - 09/2018; ERASMUS+ (KA2)

The project is providing training tool for teaching/learning soft skills namely - teamwork, leadership, communication and problem solving. These skills are usually lacking within the technical trade training. It is quite common for good apprentices and, tradesmen to be promoted within their workplace to managerial position,yet they often lack the soft skills required for such positions. Providing training in soft skills contribute to lifelong learning skill set of the individual and enables them greater work mobility.

Easily accessible mobile format is both suitable to individual and group learning. 

VET has been long established as a suitable provider of technical apprentices skills but as the demands for wider range of skills in the work market increases, it is necessary  for VET to strengthen the provisions in their curricula to include other key competences such as soft skills. The project aims to provide tool that can complement training with real life scenarios and individually tailored feedback.


CONTACT PERSON: Valentina Kuzma ( cosultant, CCIS CCBMIS (