NewWBL; 11/2015 – 04/2018; ERASMUS+ (KA3)

Closer cooperation between business and education is one of the tools for providing learners with new skills and competences for work and to bridge the gap between labour market and vocational education and training.

Work based learning has been and still remains today the best methods for teaching and learning skills and obtain skilled workers. In the European Council conclusions of January 2012, Member States committed themselves to increase “substantially the number of apprenticeships and traineeships to ensure that they represent real opportunities for young people.” Quality work based learning which is upgraded on robust social dialogue and public-private partnerships help young people overcome the work-inexperience trap that blocks their transition from education to employment. 

The project NewWBL has the following objectives:

  • to create environment for sustainable program that will enable participants to move from adolescence into adulthood as productive workers
  • to foster the creation of a cross national system (recommendations and guidelines) that will achieve these purposes
  • to address the issues at a policy level to improve access and success of work based learning

For further information, please visit project website or contact Andreja Sever at CCIS.