skillME; 11/2014 – 10/2017, ERASMUS+

Constant progress and development of production technologies demands permanent training and education of workers as a response to work environment needs and education of school trainees in latest manufacturing technologies if we want a skilled and productive workforce who will be able to compete and be successful on global scale.

The project Skills in metal and electro industry (skillME) main purpose is to identify skill gaps in electro and metal industry’s advanced manufacturing sector, to create curriculums which will fill the skill gaps and to permanently integrate the curriculums into VET education systems in the participating countries and throughout Europe.

Sub-purposes for the project are:

- tackling skill gaps, enhancing the responsiveness of initial and continuing VET and responding to demand for skills in specific occupational profiles

- fostering cooperation of worlds of education and work by cooperation in curriculums design by industry and VET providers

- to make learning outcomes of VET trainings comparable and transferable among EU members

- to foster mobility of trainees and workers

- to foster continuing training of workers

- to demonstrate the added value of curriculums created on international level and with participation of all VET stakeholders (learners (trainees and workers), companies and VET providers)

- to enhance curriculum portfolio of VET providers and companies with 4 new curriculums

For more information, please visit or contact Janja Petkovšek at the Association of the Metal-processing Industry at CCIS.