HCHOlessWOOD / 06 2010 - 06 2012 / Cornet Era-net

At production of formaldehyde based adhesives as well as wood-based panels (WBP) in the past decades, many changes occurred, that led to significantly lower emissions. In the last years the proposed limits for the formaldehyde emission of WBP changed (e.g. Japanese standard F****, IKEA regulation IOS-MAT-0003, CARB and EPF). This changes initialized in 2004 by IARC (Internationally Agency for Research on Cancer) which classified formaldehyde in substance that may cause cancer. Therefore it will become mandatory that producers of WBP and furniture will have to identify and implement solutions to reduce formaldehyde emissions in boards and working environment drastically in order to fulfill the new regulation and market requirements. The main goal of the research project “HCHOlessWood” is to find the most optimal solution for lowering the formaldehyde emission from WBP. The problem, that are going to address is how to lower the emission of formaldehyde at board production and at the end products, what would improve the living and working conditions. With successfully implementation of appropriate solutions, companies will preserve or even strengthen their competitiveness.

For more information please visit contact: Igor Milavec at the Wood Industry and Furniture Industry Association at CCIS.