CAPINFOOD / 03 2011 – 02 2014 / Territorial Cooperation South East Europe (2nd call)

The project CAPINFOOD - Improving the enabling environment and public awareness for innovation in the South-East-European food sector through transnational cooperation aims at building the capacity of the supporting institutional framework, reducing the barriers of innovation, promoting the public awareness on benefits of innovation in the food sector and improving transnational cooperation. The partners will develop national innovation strategies in the food sector, improve the coordination of the related institutional framework, develop skills of SEE institutions in the use of effective tools insupporting food SMEs, promote the use of ICT based tools for fostering innovation in the food sector, develop pilot systems for institutions for provision of collective innovation support services for food SMEs, improve the appreciation of food innovation and entrepreneurship, disseminate food research results to a wider community – especially to young people - and also beyond the food sector, integrate non EU countries into the development of South-East Europe, concert efforts and share successful approaches related to food innovation by the establishment of a regional forum in the South-East Europe area.

For more information please visit or contact Petra Medved at the Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises at CCIS