TISP / 02 2013-12 7 2015 / CIP Thematic Network

The Technology and Innovation for Smart Publishing (TISP) network aims at creating a platform for publishers and technology providers to promote wider collaboration so to make available expertise and tools on innovation and technology to publishing industry in a mutual exchange of ideas and experience between the two sectors. TISP results from the merging of two pre-existing networks, lead by the two European federations of publishing and ICT industry, both key project partners. TISP’s specific objectives are to (1) foster business innovation in the two sectors through sharing knowledge and analysis of market trends and benchmarking with existing business cases and (2) to support policy innovation at national and European level, through provision of policy recommendations elaborated jointly by the two communities.

For more information please contact Zdravko Kafol at the Chamber of Publishing and Bookselling Enterprises at CCIS