Yozgat opens up Europe with Slovenia / 12 2012 – 12 2013 / EuropeAid

The objective of the project “Yozgat opens up Europe with Slovenia” is to strengthen mutual knowledge and understanding between Turkish Chambers and their counterparts in the EU and thus promoting the integration of European and Turkish Business Communities and ensuring a stronger awareness of the opportunities and challenges of Turkey’s future accession to the EU in both Turkey and in the EU. This integration will be realized through the establishment of long term partnerships between European and Turkish Chambers, thus facilitating the effective implementation of business-related acquis in Turkey by study visits that includes training and workshops in both countries. Project will make an important contribution to obtain adequate knowledge on core chamber issues (management, services, communication, marketing, investment opportunities, market opportunities between both two countries, public relations, IT tech.,) and the sectors which are important for both chambers.

For more information please contact Andrej Friedl at CCIS