Sharetec / 09 2012 – 02 015 / Cross-border programme Italy-Slovenia

The SHARTEC project, developed through technical training paths both at base and advanced level, aims at training specialized technicians and experts, men and women, employed and unemployed, no age limit, through the exchange of the most innovative production methods and on-going synergy between Research and Education. The project provides knowledge and tools to raise the level of preparation and attractiveness both of students and partners involved. Detection of training needs can provide a pragmatic and consistent response to what the labour market requires by improving and qualifying the employment potential. The SHARTEC project contributes to create a network of relationships among universities, research institutions and enterprises. The network will facilitate the cross-border cooperation in research, development and innovation projects in the long-term period.

For more information please contact Mirjam Božič at the Regional Chamber of  Northern Primorska at CCIS