Arhiv: Agenda MG 2014

No Slovenian Government so far has yet given a more ambitious and decisive support to improving competitiveness and business environment for small business. In particular, we miss a systematic realisation of priority measures. Instead, governments are implementing those measures which are not top priority for small business.
That is why this year, in addition to AgendaMG 2014 and a revised list of priority measures, we put before the new Government of the Republic of Slovenia also 10 highlighted proposals from last year’s AgendaMG, which the current Government of the Republic of Slovenia has not managed to implement (in full), and top 10 new proposals.
The revised AgendaMG 2014 of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) pursues three key objectives, all connected to fresh impetus for entrepreneurship in the upcoming years:
  • abolishing employment and financial crunch in the small business,
  • higher share of small businesses in exports,
  • more efficient and de-bureaucratised legislative and administrative procedures.

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