SloExport: All Major Slovenian Companies in One Place >>>

SloExport is a database catalogue containing information on more than 4,500 Slovenian exporters. It is a tool which foreign businesses, interested in commercial co-operation, may use to search for information on individual Slovenian companies. Its purpose is to promote entrepreneurship, internationalisation, foreign investment as well as the development and transfer of technology.

How to use the Catalogue 
The catalogue allows the user to search in either of two ways, namely, simple and advanced search modes. The simple search is suitable for fast queries, and the user can search using one or more keywords or an exact phrase. Enabling the application of more specific criteria, the advanced search option is the right choice for a precise investigation and the provision of detailed information.

Users may also search per individual areas and fields. Upon clicking on a sector, such as agriculture, an alphabetical list of companies involved in that sector is displayed. Another search criteria allows users to select the region or country to which Slovenian companies export.

All the necessary information is available for each enterprise. Among other things, users may find all contact information, address and the region in which the company operates; the information on the proportion of exports in revenue, the countries to which the company exports, and the countries in which it would like to export. The data also includes a presentation of the company and their products.