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January 2020


In Discover Slovenia, Slovenia is portrayed as a green, creative, smart and active country. This issue is dedicated to Slovenian exporters, which have never been more successful, and to the more than hundred-years-old Slovenian industry that can compete with the best industries around the globe.

Annual issue of Discover Slovenia


29 January: BAT conclusions and their role in laying down the terms of the industry’s environmental permits

The event is intended for persons bound by IED and their consultants in the preparation of the applications for environmental permits. You will learn how to update the content of the reference documents concerning a certain activity at the EU level (BREF). You will also be familiarized with the BAT conclusions in Seville. Furthermore, there will be a presentation on how you can cooperate in the creation of these documents, and the role of economic associations in the process. The implementation of the conclusions reached regarding the requirements and conditions of the environmental permits in Slovenia will also be addressed.

30 January: Seminar: Opportunities for Slovenian Companies in Canada

At the seminar opportunities, experiences, obstacles and pitfalls of the business environment in Canada will be presented as well as what the CETA agreement means for Slovenian companies. 

30 January: Annual consultation of the Electronics and Electrical Industry Association members

At the annual consultation, the members will discuss the key challenges that lie ahead of the electrical industry. 

4 February: Slovenian-Belarus business forum and B2B

Upon the meeting of Slovenian-Belarus Intergovernmental Commission for Economic Cooperation and the visit of the Belarus business delegation, the Slovenian-Belarus business forum is being organised in cooperation with the Belarus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and SPIRIT Slovenia. After the welcome speech and the presentation of business opportunities, short B2B meetings will be held.

11 February: Conference “How to organise quality and affordable long-term care”

At the conference organised by the EC representation office in Slovenia and the CCIS, the Ministry of Health will present the vision of the long-term care system as foreseen under the act that will soon be submitted for public consultation. Outstanding issues will be discussed. In addition, there will be a presentation of the experience acquired so far with regard to one of the three on-going Slovenian pilot projects that were designed to set up an integrated care and were funded by the EU.

3 March: Visit of SOURCING TAIWAN 2020

The Taiwan Foreign Trade Office and the Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Council (TAITRA) kindly invite you to visit SOURCING TAIWAN 2020 to be held on March 3, 2020 in Taipei.

5 March: Business breakfast: “India Surging Ahead: Opportunities for Slovenian Companies”

On the initiative and in cooperation with Embassy of India in Ljubljana, the CCIS is organising a business breakfast during which business and investment opportunities for Slovenian companies in India will be presented.

12 March: Awards of the CCIS

For the 52nd time, awards for extraordinary economic and entrepreneurial achievements will be presented by the CCIS. The event in honour of the award winners will be dedicated to knowledge. It will tell the story of the individual’s learning pathway - from childhood curiosity and learning from books to the more complex understanding of values and human relationships.



The construction industry ended 2019 with fewer activities in the construction of municipal infrastructure

The worth of construction works was somewhat stabilizing towards the end of 2019. On the annual basis, their worth was lower by 8.4 % in November. In that period, the worth of building constructions increased (+ 2.9 %) whereas the civil engineering works decreased by 11.9 %. The main reason for the decrease can be ascribed to fewer investments of the municipalities. The investments reached a record high in the last months of 2018 due to mayoral elections. The first round of elections was held on 18 November 2018 and the second one on 2 December 2018. At that time, the municipalities were completing a considerably larger amount of construction works on the local level. The worth of completed construction works in the first eleven months of 2019 was only 3.3 % higher than the worth of those completed in the same period in 2018. In the preceding two years, the worth of construction works was always above 20 %. The worth of building constructions was up by 2.7 %. The value of those performed on residential buildings increased by 11.6 % while the value of works on non-residential buildings was on the same level than the year before (0.0 %). The worth of completed civil engineering works increased by 3.6 %.

Slovenian industry production starts 2019 with around 3 % growth

The situation in the processing industry remains above the euro area average. The PMI indicator value for the processing industry in euro area stopped decreasing. The insecure situation in the international environment, which is blocking activities in the processing industry, is still in sight. According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia survey data, Slovenian companies in the processing industry were much more optimistic in December when estimating the expected demand in the following three months than they had been at the end of last year’s first half-year. In the first eleven months of 2019, the greatest intensification was experienced in high-technology manufacturing (+ 9.6 %), which includes pharmaceutical technology and ICT. It was followed by medium-low-technology (+ 3.1 %), low-technology (+ 2.5 %) and medium-high-technology manufacturing (1.5 %), which include chemical, electrical, vehicle industries and others. In the last months of 2019, medium-high-technology and low-technology manufacturing intensified once again. On average, the latter increased the least in the last eleven months. In the first eleven months of 2019, six industry sectors of the processing industry recorded a lower production value than in the same period of the previous year. Others experienced an increase. Regarding the increased production, repairs and installation of machinery and equipment (+ 26.5 % growth) stood out together with the production of other vehicles and vessels (+ 17.4 %). More than 8 % production growth was recorded in the manufacture of other various processing products, woodwork and wood processing as well as the manufacture of computer and electronic products. In November, the largest inter-annual fall of industrial production volume occurred in Greece (- 8.3 %), Romania (- 7.5 %) and Estonia (- 7.2 %). The largest growth was recorded in Hungary (+ 5.7 %), Poland (+ 5.6 %) and Finland (+ 3.7 %). The growth in Slovenia was 1.3 %.

Below you will find some statistical data for Slovenia:

Growth rates in % - in comparison to the same period of previous year

Latest data

GDP – real growth


3.q 2019, S.A.*

GDP – forecast for 2019**


Oct. 2019

Consumer prices (HICP)


Dec. 2019

Export of goods


Nov. 2019

Import of goods


Nov. 2019

Industrial production (manufacturing)


Nov. 2019

Retail sales w/o motor fuels (real)


Nov. 2019

Construction (real)


Nov. 2019

Exchange rate EURO/USD


Dec. 2019

Diesel (EUR/liter), VAT incl.


Valid from Jan 14rd, 2020

*seasonally and calendar adjusted
**Eastern European Consensus

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