I-CON; 06/2016 - 5/2019; Interreg Central Europe

COMMON CHALLENGE: Main problem is related to innovation capacity in remote areas. In SI, HU, PL & SK those areas are facing declining employment opportunities in traditional industries because of structural change. This emphasizes the need to take steps to stimulate economic activity with employment generating potential for regions are facing difficulties in maintaining a critical mass of facilities to support economic development. Analysis show that FOOD SECTOR together with other value chain related sectors represent one of the most important, potential field to leverage improvement of socio-economic situation in remote areas.

MAIN OBJECTIVE: Improving entrepreneurial competences and skills in remote areas through FOOD innovation potentials. OUTPUTS: 1) Joint transnational food mentor scheme; 2) Food crowd design platform usability. APPROACH: Project consists of 10 carefully selected competent partners who are according to the role in the project divided into 3 groups. KNOWLEDGE PARTNERS covering areas of mechatronics, food safety and packing design; REGIONAL PARTNERS whose role is implementation of actions on a regional level and LEAD PARTNER who’s role is related to be engaged in all main areas of intervention together with WP coordinators.

INNOVATIVE CHARACTER: (1) MENTOR SCHEME: integrated cross-sectoral experts approach (mechatronics, biotech & design), mobility of transnational pool of experts coming from different EU regions, focus oriented program to food related SMEs, sustainable business model; no similar scheme existing. (2) CROWD DESIGN PLATFORM USABILITY: unlocking food legislation restrictions focus on food design packing and branding, open creativity, cheaper results, worldwide involvement & risk free.

TRANSNATIONAL ADDED VALUE: international pool of mobile experts, transnational partner network helping local SMEs to enter bigger market – better conditions for business expand-positive impacts on employment-brain drain stopped-tendencies to immigration.

For more information, please contact Petra Medved Djurašinović at the CCIS-Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises.