Know ME / 12 2012 - 12 2013 / DG Employment (Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations)

The “new” EU member states are faced more strongly with demographic change and an ageing workface. Globalisation and increasing competition demand at the same time more qualified and skilled workforce, who will be able to not only adapt to but also to bring forward technological change and innovation. Before this background, the aim of the project is to analyse the needs and requirements for better and future-oriented skills and knowledge management in the Metal and Electro Industry in Slovenia, Latvia, Slovakia and Lithuania. The project “Skills and Knowledge Management in the Metal and Electro Industry” (Know ME) will develop tools and methods to support companies (especially SME) in improving their skills and knowledge management and adapting their training programmes and HR strategies to future skill and job needs.

For more information please contact Janja Petkovšek at the Association of the Metal-Processing Industry.