Q-PLM / 10 2013 - 09 2015 / LLP LdV

Before the background of the quality indicators recommended by the EQARF framework as well as the CQAF (Common Quality Assurance Framework) the Q-PLM project aims at the development of an innovative instrument for product quality assurance for VET providers based on the methods of Product Lifecycle Management. This approach has been in use in other economic sectors for years and allows the analysis of impact of different variables on the lifecycle of a VET offer. Analysis shows clearly, that VET providers are still not enough using quality assurance methods according to the quality indicators established by the EQARF framework and are in need of easy to use, flexible and reliable quality assurance methods. The Q-PLM project will analyse the background of Product Lifecycle Management from other sectors, identify the relevant variables impacting on the VET offer's lifecycle and based on this develop the beta version of an IT based instrument (software) for product lifecycle management for VET providers as well as a handbook for product lifecycle management.

For more information please contact Eva Žontar at CCIS.