The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia runs the Innovative Slovenia programme to promote as well as nurture and support the entire process of innovation – from the concept to the implementation. Through the various activities we aim to foster the innovation culture and thereby contribute to the success in domestic and foreign markets.

The Innovative Slovenia Programme encompasses the following activities:

  • INFORMING about the innovation, company performance, research and development.
  • PROMOTING the innovations and innovative companies through various communication channels.
  • TRAINING COURSES throughout the year which provide participants with a broad range of skills and knowledge ranging from specific and specialised to general topics. The lecturers are eminent professionals from Slovenia and abroad.
  • CONFERENCES focused on emerging and future technologies and, in order to promote development collaboration, the engagement of enterprise with companies and organisations in Slovenia and abroad.
  • EXHIBITIONS of development and innovation achievements of Slovenian industry and institution of knowledge “FUTURE” covering all nine focus areas of Smart Specialisation Strategy of the Republic of Slovenia.
  • CONNECTING the stakeholders of innovation ecosystem and connecting corporations and innovative startup companies with an aim to establish strategic relationship.
  • INTERNATIONALISATION of innovations and development, organising delegations, R2B and B2B meetings.
  • COUNSELLING AND MENTORSHIP focused on providing companies with an advice and assistance in various fields and areas related to the innovation.
  • PROMOTING YOUTH and developing the creative and innovative potentials of young people.
  • AWARDING INNOVATION through the competition for the best national innovation with 23 years of tradition.
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