Tech Tour / 03 2012 - 03 2013 / DG Enterprise

The project “TECH -TOUR Technology and tourism: augmented reality for the promotion of the Roman and Byzantine itineraries” aims to promote two historical trans-national EU cultural routes exploiting developed ICT tools.

Arhiv: iCon / 04 2010 - 03 2013 / Cross-border programme Slovenia-Italy

The aim of the project iCon is to increase the competitiveness of SME in the border region Italy – Slovenia.

Streto / 04 2011 - 09 2012 / Central Asia Invest

The Stre.To Project (Strengthening Tourism sector enhancing BIOs capacity to assist tourism) - aimed at supporting Business Intermediate Organisations (namely the Chambers of Commerce) to undertake a pivotal role in the promotion of private sector in tourism related activities, enhancing capacities in assisting growth and consolidation of Small Medium Enterprises (SME) with special reference to Women Entrepreneurs (WE).

CCIS's SUPPORT TO INNOVATION / 2006 - 2011/ National funding

The CCIS with its' partners promotes of Slovene innovators, innovative companies and their innovations.

UHO / 02 2010- 02 2012 / CIP EIP (DG Employment)

The project »Lets listen to SME aims at including small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of shaping new EU policies.

SLO INNO BOOST / 05 2010- 05 2012 / Competitiveness Innovation Programme (DG Employment)

The ultimate objective of the SLO INNO BOOST project (part of Enterprise Europe Network Slovenia) is to contribute to the competitiveness and innovation capacity of Slovene SMEs and consequently also EU economy, to strengthen and improve cooperation among many subject of entrepreneurship & innovation support environment.

Green / 04 2010 – 03 2012 / Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme (EIP)

The project Greening Business through the Enterprise Europe starts from the need to improve the environmental performances of SMEs in Europe.