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December 2012


Only a few more weeks and we will be saying goodbye to the old year and celebrating the arrival of 2013. Special atmosphere that comes with December adding to that magical holiday tingle has already surrounded us. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) wishes you Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous and successful New Year.

International conference of Slovenian paper industry

Competitiveness in the field of the highly export-oriented paper industry and paper processing industry is hindered by the current situation in Slovenian business, especially by high prices of energy products, excise duties on energy products and high environmental taxes. However, despite these turbulent times, paper industry workers have decided for a proactive approach to the situation. This year’s 16th Day of Slovene Paper Industry thus focused on strategies for lowering risks which tend to be more successful in cooperation with partners. That is why the event was titled “Enhanced risk management in close partnership”.

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NETKO 2012

On 21 November 2012, the CCIS hosted Netko 2012 honorary awards ceremony where awards in seven categories, along with two special Netko awards, were granted. The Netko award is intended for companies, institutions, offices, communities and individuals who stand out because of their high-quality digital projects.

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Opportunities in the Iraq market


Iraq market offers various opportunities to Slovenian companies. This was the main conclusion of the past Business Breakfast at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, hosting, in addition to Slovenian companies already active in the Iraq market and those striving to achieve such a breakthrough, also Iraq’s ambassador in Slovenia Surood Najib, PhD.

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Economists showed interest in Pan-Slovenian Business Meeting

Pan-Slovenian Business Meeting, organised on 26 November 2012 by the CCIS, was attended by 70 representatives of Slovenian companies. During this event, the CCIS introduced a new concept of supporting Slovenian companies in their businesses.

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Managing Board of the CCIS on necessary measures for successful Slovenia

On 27 November 2012, the Managing Board of the CCIS, together with Minister Radovan Žerjav, discussed the inevitable measures Slovenian economy requires for its way out of the crisis. Additionally, the members of the Managing Board of the CCIS got acquainted with the CCIS 2013 Plan.

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Electronic monitoring of waste

On 4 December 2012, over 160 participants attended the workshop organised by the CCIS on the current issues regarding waste management in economy. The then presented web application “Information System – Waste” for electronic monitoring of waste shipments with record sheets is to be available as of 1 January 2013.

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Business Breakfasts at the CCIS: South Korea

In the last forty years, South Korea experienced extreme economic growth, and developed state-of-the-art and highly industrialized economy thanks to its global integration. It is extremely remarkable how South Korea managed to recover after the economic crisis so quickly; however, its economy continues to highly depend on the export of goods and is thus easily affected by the changes in the world economic situation. Business Breakfast on 11 December 2012 was not only aimed at the exchange of information and business experience but also at socialising and establishing personal contacts with companies already cooperating with South Korea or striving to create such connections.

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Assembly of the CCIS

On 12 December 2012, the members of the Assembly of the CCIS, together with State Secretary at the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration Helmut Hartman, discussed the operation of the state governed by the rule of law. They also studied the Report on current activities and the CCIS 2013 Plan.

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How to attract buyers from Indonesia?

On 18 December 2012, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Vienna, will host the one-on-one meetings with Head of Economic Section at the Indonesian Embassy Anindita Harimurti Axioma and his advisors for the territory of Slovenia, Soeradjana Dewa, PhD, and Usman Djalil.

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Slovenian Companies and Minister Žerjav reaching for India


Between 26 January and 1 February 2013, Slovenian economic delegation under the direction of Minister of Economic Development and Technology Radovan Žerjav, M. Sc., will visit India. Within the framework of the event, well chosen B2B meetings between Slovenian companies and focal local companies from New Delhi, Agra and Calcutta/Mumbai* will be organised, and taken care will also be of joint promotion of Slovenian know-how and products within the framework of Slovene-Indian business forums, notably regarding products from the field of engineering, energy, environmental protection, metals and electrical industry.

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Position of the CCIS on foreseen higher taxes to be proposed by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia as reported by the media

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia is strongly opposed to higher excise duties on all energy products, higher environmental taxes and significant VAT increase. The recession the economy is currently struggling with does not allow for the increase in taxes and other duties, as this may seriously threaten business operations of many companies. That is why the CCIS has suggested to the Ministry of Finance not to support the proposal for increasing taxes.

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CCIS welcomes the ban on selective VAT increase

The CCIS has supported the ban on the proposal of selective VAT increase in some areas (press, hairdressing services, pet food, cut flowers, etc.), which would lead to increase in VAT to 20%.

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Stop recession! Agenda 46+ prepared

The CCIS has prepared the first batch of 46 measures under the title Agenda46+ drafted by Slovenian economists to stop the recession, give the economy a fresh start and seek exit from the crisis.

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YES to the rehabilitation of public finance and YES to new posts – CCIS evaluates measures for a successful Slovenia

30,000 new and 10,000 old posts, launching of new investments in the total value of EUR 4.3 billion and unburdening of the economy by EUR 2.54 billion are only some of the significant positive effects of implementing the measures set out in the Agenda 46+.

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Position of the CCIS on foreseen higher excise duties on energy products and sweetened soft drinks tax

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia is strongly opposed to the foreseen increase in excise duties on energy products and introduction of the new sweetened soft drinks tax. The Ministry of Finance shall consider the immediate removal of the proposed increase in excise duties on energy products and introduction of the tax on sweetened soft drinks.

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Below you will find some statistical data for Slovenia.

In November 2012, the annual growth of consumer prices was 2.3%, and in the period I-XI 2012, consumer prices rose by 2.6%. Industrial production in September 2012, compared to September 2011, decreased by 0.2%, while turnover in retail trade fell by 4.5%, and the value of construction fell by 3.9%.

The OECD predicted for Slovenia that its gross domestic product (GDP) will decrease by 2.4% this year, and by 2.1% in year 2013. The economic downturn has proved protracted. Growth is projected to turn positive again in 2014.



Growth rates in % - in comparison to the same period of previous year

Latest data

GDP – real growth


(3nd quarter 2012)

Consumer prices



Export of goods



Import of goods



Industrial production









Exchange rate EURO/USD



Gasoline, unleaded, 95-oct. (EURO/litre)






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